I'm Karl Apao, an Auckland based audio engineer. I have a passion for audio that stems from years of playing music.

My goal is to bridge the gap between a client's vision and the finished product or a professional sounding event. I understand from experience the pressures associated with performing and recording, so my focus is to provide a highly efficient service paired with a strong work ethic, ensuring you can focus on your creative process.

The studio should be a creative playground, the stage a clear space where you feel relaxed enough to be at your best...... let me make that happen for you.

Karl Apao


Bonnie and the Oosh - 2015



Karl's journey into audio work began with a Les Paul in his hands playing regularly around New Zealand with his band. As with most musicians, Karl began to truly value the importance of a great audio engineer and the massive role that they play in creating a great live or recorded sound.  The more he played and worked within the music scene, the more Karl began to realise that he had a true passion for audio and that he wished to pursue this for the rest of his life. 

Career changes are important decisions that often need serious consideration. In 2013 Karl didn't hesitate at all to make the huge time sacrifice it would take to move into audio engineering and threw himself into an audio engineering diploma at the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) NZ. Inspired by his passion and undeterred by the rigorous time
requirements and costs of studying, Karl worked his way through a full time diploma at SAE whilst funding himself by working nights at his previous job as a nurse. He not only completed the course to gain his qualification, whilst juggling work to support himself, he also upon graduation in 2014, was awarded the SAE Award for Best Recording of 2014 and the SAE/Roundhead Studios/Oceania Award for the Top Audio Student of 2014.

Upon completing his study, Karl was invited back to SAE, this time to work as a studio supervisor. At the same time he immediately applied further diligence and hard work to push himself into the audio field as a profession. Continuing nursing as a part-time job, he set about building a name for himself as a reliable audio engineer with a talented ear for sound on reputation alone. Investing income from his nursing career, he purchased state-of-the-art equipment and was soon cutting back on his hours nursing to make way for the growing list of clients in his dream field of work. 

Now you can find Karl working in every manner of audio engineering. From large stage and production work to small home recordings, Karl loves every job that comes his way and as such, applies his utmost attention to every detail of every job. With access to his own home studio in South Auckland and cutting edge mobile recording equipment and a dedicated work ethic it's no wonder Karl has become one of Auckland's highly reputable audio engineers. 

Why not trust the work you are passionate about with someone who is passionate about theirs.