" I've worked with Karl on a number of occasions and every time he was an absolute pleasure to work with. In the studio he creates an environment to get the best performance out of anyone, and on technical level all of his work is bang on. He caters to all my sound requirements while making creative and technical suggestions that all work beautifully. But it doesn't stop there - he also functions superbly in a live environment from the initial sound capture to total and thorough audio management throughout the show. Not to mention...he's also a really nice dude."

A++ would trade again.

Clayton Gould
Drummer - Unleash the Kraken, Bonnie and the Oosh, Binary.



I focus on simplicity so you can focus on great material


Recording can be a highly technical and complicated process. There is a myriad of different microphones that can be used, plug ins, mic placement techniques interfaces and software to name but a few things. One look back at some legendary bands and recordings from bygone eras, when some of these features were not an option but the recordings sound amazing, gives us clear enough evidence that primarily recording is all about capturing a great performance. Certainly modern equipment and techniques should be embraced but you should be working with an engineer that takes care of the details so that you can focus on getting your best performance. 

Karl has all the necessary technical qualifications and experience to take care of every part of the recording process, so you can focus on your material and thus maximise your recording time. Good session flow is critical for creativity and Karl will make sure you don't have to worry about a thing, leaving you free to work to your full potential. 

It's vital also to not over spend as most recording artists are working to tight budgets. You can cut the cost of an expensive recording studio and simply have Karl come to you at your own home or rehearsal space. Equipped with state-of-the-art mobile recording gear, means Karl is able to come and work with you in your favourite creative space, so your session flow is guaranteed to be relaxed or, head to Karl's home studio in Auckland where you will find a comfortable studio space fitted out with modern equipment in a warm environment.  



I'm here to achieve the sound you envisage


Mixing is a critical part of any music production. When an artist or band sets out to produce some music, there is often a sound or vision behind it in the first instance. The hours of work and love that go into creating material before it reaches the recording stage, are usually high and so it's absolutely vital that you choose the correct engineer to record and mix your material. Always be sure that you are working with someone that has a great ear, attention to detail, the correct technical prowess and also the ability to listen to your vision whilst working alongside you to help you reach your creative vision. 

Karl has shown a talent for mixing from the moment he started learning the process. Upon completion of his studies at the School of Audio Engineering,
Karl received an award for best recording of 2014, an award where audio engineering students had to complete the entire process from recording to mixing. Now working as a busy qualified audio engineer, Karl has gained a solid reputation for outstanding mixing that has numerous clients returning after the success of their first experience. Karl is a musician and has played guitar for many years whilst being a major writing contributor for the bands he has worked with. Along with the technical experience required, he has just the right amount of creative flare to help you gain the absolute best from your material without losing sight of the sound you want. 


"I always enjoy Karl's work as a mixing engineer, very professional in his approach and so attentive to details. One of the biggest things we look for when it comes to pushing record is having someone with a 'good ear' - being singer/songwriters we are our own worst critics 85% of the time especially when it comes to mixing our own music! However because of Karl i'm able to trust his mixing skills and relax knowing he is always able to deliver and take our compositions to its final destination, with quality and in the best shape it can be. He has a great sense of humour but is very focused on what he does, on point #HesOneOfAKind.

We recorded our first song with a drum kick that had no skin on one of it sides, the cymbals we had sounded like trash can lids, and i snorted during my vocal recordings. Apart from this all being our fault, Karl was patient as always. He was still able to produce and mix such a great song that ended up on radio here in NZ and stations overseas."

Larry N Johnson
Singer/songwriter - EnCore



"As a regular performer it's essential for me to know there is someone reliable running sound. If things sound great on stage, I can relax and enjoy my performance which means I am playing to my best. It's also an important thing to know, that not only the mix out front is good, but that levels are appropriate for the venue and function. Karl has worked for me at numerous functions from outdoor weddings to large corporate events. Every time he has arrived early, bought all the necessary equipment and has nailed a fantastic sound on stage and front of house that both the musicians and clients have been more than happy with. To top it
all off, he is a polite and friendly guy who brings a relaxed,
professional persona that really means, I feel I can focus on
my job."

Nathan Boston
Full time musician - White Chapel Jak



Let me take care of it, so you can enjoy your function


Anyone that has been involved with performing or organising an event that requires audio amplification, will know of the stresses involved. For performers it can mean added pressures trying to deal with mixing, feedback and faulty equipment, among a long list of others that can detract from the enjoyment of a performance and have a huge impact for an audience if your front of house mix is not the best. Organising or hosting an event can be a nightmare of strange audio jargon when you simply need some straight answers about equipment required.

These are situations when the most practical decision is to get someone along that is a professional. For Karl, audio is more than just a job - it is a passion. Because of this you will be hiring someone who applies one hundred percent to every job so you get the best possible sound. From his work in other industries and as a performer himself, Karl understands the importance of time, so he is punctual, easy to work with and highly professional. All you will need to focus on is your own performance or the more important aspects of your event.